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No drama riding along Hwy 9 on a flashy point-and-go trail horse to historic Monty’s Log Cabin for lunch.

Spotted Saddle Horse, Maximillian, $5,500, Gelding, Age: 15, 15H

Max is the complete “ready-to-go” package with years of trail blazing experience. He’s good-looking, durable and gaits smoothly where-ever you would like to go. Max just does not fuss! Good disposition and a natural intelligence that lets him think for himself relieving pressure off you. BTW, no posting required. He’s so easy to ride, gets along with other horses, does not spook, a true point and go. I rode him through Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park to historic Monty’s Log Cabin. He paid no attention to pedestrian drama, cars, bicyclists, motorcycles and to hustle & bustle along Hwy 9. He politely stood at Monty’s hitching post (see picture above) with 5 other horses while we enjoyed lunch. A relaxing and memorable experience. You should try it. Beginner through advanced riders would be proud to own Max. What a sweet, sweet deal to just join-up and ride. Behind every gaited pleasure horse we sell is the spirit of partnership and collaboration. Our goal is to help you build a loving relationship between you and your horse for a lifetime. We strive to offer great service during your horse purchase.

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A trail-riders dream and worth more than the asking price.

Spotted Saddle Horse, Cessna, $8,500, Gelding, Age: 10, 15.1H

Most of us horse owners know that when you own a great horse, that anyone can ride, you’ll never sell him regardless of numerous offers. He's my gentle horse with a big heart for people and I’m selling him. Look at him, flashy and magnificent. Only a well-built powerful horse could handle all day trail riding and real horse camping out in the wilderness. Cool headed, patient, confident and sure-footed going where there is no trail. Most likely you will be on a trail so how easy is that? No posting ever. Cessna is extremely comfortable to ride because of his smooth 4-beat gaits which transition into a soft canter that’s just fun, fun, fun. Seriously addicting. Trustworthy and telepathic in so many ways. He’ll take care of you. He has been treated with all the respect and love he deserves. I believe that this horse is a solid investment in your trail-blazing adventures.

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